COVID-19: COVAXIN receives approval of National COVID-19 Vaccination Committee

• As from tomorrow, the COVAXIN vaccine will be used in the National Vaccination campaign against COVID-19.

• Some 100 000 persons will receive the Indian vaccine, and its second dose will be administered 28 days apart.

• The President of the National COVID-19 Vaccination Committee, Dr Zouberr Joomaye, made this announcement this evening, during the daily press briefing of the National Communication Committee on COVID-19 at the New Treasury Building in Port Louis. The Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Kailesh Jagutpal was also present.

• Dr Joomaye reassured that the COVAXIN vaccine is deemed safe and efficient against the novel coronavirus and its variants, namely the Brazil, South Africa and UK variants.

• He underlined that following reports submitted by the Indian laboratory, the Pharmacy Board of the Ministry of Health and Wellness has approved its use in Mauritius.

• COVAXIN demonstrated an interim vaccine efficacy of 81 % in the Phase 3 clinical trials and was approved for emergency use in India in January 2021. Indian Prime Minister, Mr. N. Modi, and other personalities along with 9 million Indian frontliners have been inoculated with COVAXIN doses.

• Dr Joomaye stated that the vaccine is in high demand, with some 40 countries showing interest. But India, he said, has reserved COVAXIN doses for its own population, and agreed to procure a certain amount to few friendly countries, including Mauritius.

• He further informed that the World Health Organisation has not yet given its approval to COVAXIN, similar to other newly developed COVID-19 vaccines.

• Pregnant women, those aged under 18, those suffering from chronic diseases, allergies and those who have suffered from any illnesses for the last 15 days cannot be vaccinated, as a precautionary measure.

• Any person wishing to be vaccinated is advised to inform the medical personnel if he is under medical treatment.

Local positive cases reach 198

• Dr Kailesh Jagutpal announced that over the 368 COVID-19 tests have been carried out since this morning, nine positive cases have been detected.

• So far, 161 positive cases have been detected through Contact Tracing exercise and in COVID-19 testing centers, 28 in quarantine centres and nine through random tests.

• 800 random tests have been carried out in areas where positive cases have been detected including, Canot, Petite Rivière, Brisée-Verdière.

• The Minister emphasised that strict sanitary precautions and social distancing are key to stop the propagation of the novel coronavirus.

• He urged those who have been admitted in quarantine centres to abide by the conditions and regulations there, to protect their own health and that of others. He warned that those not respecting those conditions will have their quarantine stay extended.

Source: Government Information Service