COVID-19: Village of Canot no longer considered as a Red Zone

The last positive COVID-19 case in the village of Canot was registered on 21 March 2021, that is, 16 days ago, and following several PCR tests effected in the locality, including some 450 last week-end and for which all results are negative, it can be said that the risk that the coronavirus spreads further in that locality is almost inexistent. As such, it has been decided that the village of Canot would no longer be considered as a Red Zone as from this evening.

The Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Kailesh Jagutpal, made this announcement, this evening, at the daily press briefing of the National Communication Committee on COVID-19, at the Treasury Building in Port Louis. Dr Catherine Gaud was also present.

The latest detected positive cases of COVID-19 are as follows: six were detected in quarantine centres; and two others through the contact tracing exercise.

Since 05 March 2021 to date, the positive cases have been identified as follows: 409 cases through the contact tracing exercise and COVID testing centres; 80 in quarantine centres; and 35 through random testing. To date, a total of 117 patients were discharged and the number of active local cases stands at 401.

Some 2 568 PCR tests were carried out yesterday, out of which 790 tests through the contact tracing exercise, around 1 141 tests through random testing in specific regions of the island, and 737 in COVID testing centres.

A total of 1 780 persons are currently in quarantine centres.

Results for 638 PCR tests received from Candos laboratory today, out of which more than 300 from Highlands. Results revealed 22 COVID-19 positive cases in Highlands, which is still considered as a Red Zone.

Dr Gaud gave details about patients receiving treatment.

One person aged 75 years old at New ENT Hospital is still intubated and is still in a stable condition. Another female patient, a dialysis patient aged 38 years old and wearing a pacemaker had some problems this morning but following consultation with a cardiologist, the patient is in better condition.

Seven patients are currently receiving oxygen, out of which five are at Souillac Hospital and two at the New ENT Hospital.

Dr Gaud also encouraged the whole population to act as responsibly as the inhabitants of the village of Canot did, that is by observing all precautionary and sanitary measures.

Source: Government Information Service